Weight Loss

Week 2

Loss from week 1: – 1.4lbs

Not going to lie, this week I was a bit nervous. I ate a brownie and gained 0.6lb and all week pretty much the scale would NOT budge! Luckily though I still made my goal (a weekly loss between 1-2lbs) and I am still on track!

This week, my cravings again were probably more on the sweet side than anything else. However, this week it did cross my mind a couple of times to endulge in a “cheat” meal. I really just wanted McDonalds LOL – out of all resturants/food, I wanted McDonalds. However, I did not go lax and my craving for it did eventually go away.

My wife is amazing me though – I should do a quick shout out to her because she is the one cooking up these new amazing meals! I basically am in charge of coming up with the dinner meals within my points and then having her actually cook it because she is a much better chef and knows how to really spice the food right. To give examples of my dinners: bread pork chops, tacos, chicken nuggets – I am legit not missing out on any food.

I did hit my goal of working out 3x a week along with stretching daily. This week, I am still maintaining the 3 days a week with daily stretching; however, I am going to increase by adding an additional round and adding in two additional exercises. So basically 10 actual reps of 5 different exercises for 3 rounds. I just find it to be easier to keep my motivation, again by doing small goals that are very attainable and that are not too much all at once for me.

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