Music Is My Outlet

Yesterday was not so great of a day mentally for me. Some days honestly are just tough! I guess using the excuse of we are all human is as good as any for “allowing” myself to become so frustrated with everything that was going on. I say “allowing” because I know I am the only one that is responsible for the way I feel and if I let others get to me in a negative way.

When I started down this journey a couple of months ago, I didn’t realize I guess how tough life can be at times where it makes it difficult to stay in a positive mindset all day. I am not even talking about major issues, just the simple frustrations of everyday life. In reading and watching videos, I have learned that when you let someone effect your mood and thoughts – you are giving your energy to them…which actually frustrates me more (when I am frustrated lol). The reason why is because I am aware of this fact and yet I let it happen. I try to breathe to calm my mind but when I am in that position it is easier said than done.

Now looking back, I am like “Oh, it wasn’t a big deal and I just need to practice calming myself more” but in that moment, my negative feelings just built and built to where I was breaking down on my drive home. Ever had those days? Sometimes a good cry helps and once I told myself basically to get over it and move on – what did I do to help? Blast music, sing, and dance in my car.

Music therapy is my number 1 go to. I just love music and I mean all types of music. Yesterday I just blasted my YouTube playlist and because the music drowns out my thoughts and my attention focuses on the rhythm and words, I just get lost and my mood becomes increasing better. I know people passing me by probably thought I looked a bit crazy but I could care less – I was in the moment and had zero worries.

The whole reason behind this post was just to show that anyone trying out this path (or any new path), it gets tough and because we are all humans experiencing this world, we are going to have ups and downs but just have to find what outlet works best. I know I want to eventually get to that point where just by breathing I will be able to calm myself and won’t need a “third party” outlet. Everyday I wake up though and try harder than the day before. I know it sounds kind of clichΓ© but it really does help to have that mindset! As always, positive vibes to all ✌!

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