The World of Twilight

This book, now movie series, has been around for a while but this year they finally released Midnight Sun and I was so excited when it was released!!

Midnight Sun (click link to purchase #paidad)

I have ALWAYS been team Edward (never a Jacob fan for Bella) and I cannot tell you how obsessed I was with this series. To help shed some light, I was in my early 20s when I started the series and was in a toxic relationship and used these books (without realizing it) as an escape. So anyways, I really wanted that “Edward” type of person in my life – I mean he is this strong, dedicated, smart, wealthy, handsome vampire that every girl wants but can’t have, so I think most Team Edward fans can relate to wanting an “Edward” in their life. (As a disclosure, this was during my “straight” phase as I call it.)

So when Stephenie Meyer first was writing this book and it was leaked – I was one of the ones who read what had already been written (she posted it on her website). NOT only did I read it but because I was working at a call center then and wanted to kill time, I wrote in my Twilight book his pieces so when I read Twilight, I could read not only Bella’s side but Edward’s too. Needless to say, my book is a hot mess! There is tiny writing in between sentences with post-it notes every where. I do not recommend this method….ever! But what’s a gal to do when she thinks it will never be finalized and publish…šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø

But as the saying goes “never say never”, it was finally released this year (yearssss after the leak) and my younger self would have loved this book. I won’t give much away for those who haven’t read it by now – all I can say is, if you are really a fan of Edward’s and are curious to know what his thoughts were, where he went when he was missing after his and Bella’s first encounter, or a more in depth look into his past – then this is the book for you! If you were team Jacob through and through (even now with knowing how everything ends), you may find this book a bit boring and probably may make think he was just an obsessed vampire. Either way, as a Twilight fan (even with the bad grammar and bad acting) I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

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