Not Enough Time?

So I have come to the realization that many people say “well I don’t have any time for that” when it comes their goals, dreams, or their own personal life in general. But when you think about it, if someone wants something bad enough – they will make the time!

Working Out. I am guilty of this myself – currently I am lacking motivation but I know I will get back into trying to loose weight and eat right (etc. etc. etc.). Anyways, you can make exercise easy by making a simple but realistic goal for yourself then building on to that once you get into a routine. Example, a simple goal of every time you go to the bathroom you make yourself do 10 squats. I know I go to the bathroom more than 3 times a day and that right there is at least 30 squats. How hard is it to stretch or do some push-ups while you are watching TV? These are just simple ideas out of thousands! Obviously these are directed at someone who basically doesn’t work out on a daily basis but you get the idea on how easy it is to incorporate exercise into a day.

Eating Right. Again, I am guilty of this because over the years I have packed on more pounds than I would like to admit. It is so much easier to just eat whatever and not have to worry about things like: meal prep, counting calories, paying an outrageous amount on lean meat vs the normal meat, etc. However, with this being said – I was able to loose 50+ lbs in the past by (yes, doing a little bit of exercise) but mainly focusing on food (and trust me I was living pay check to pay check with 3 kids at the time with no extra money to spare). The key is all about portion control and reading your labels. There are so many different web sites you can go on now a days to look for information and basically teach yourself what to look for and what to stay away from. You don’t have to break the bank in order to make healthy choices and to hit your goal weight. Also, there are a lot of healthier alternatives a person can choose from that are also kid friendly, so parents don’t have to make separate meals. Even to drink water there are more creative ways – I use this water bottle to help me with my daily intake (#paidad). Again, just little goals go a LONG way… just do your research!

School. I cannot count how many times I have heard adults say, well I don’t have time for school. Whether it is getting your GED or continuing your education, you have time! Having my oldest at 14 years old and being able to continue my education all the way through my Masters and having 2 more kids during my undergrad program – trust me, you have time! It would be a lie to say your social life won’t suffer or it is an easy route but where there is a will, there is a way. Especially right now, there are a lot of programs that are online only based that work with different schedules. A lot of schools also have different curriculums and attendance requirements. I chose an online program that focused on one class only for a set amount of weeks and that didn’t prolong me graduating – this worked the best for my situation because my time was so limited with juggling kids, full time work, and full time school. And if money is a problem, my suggestion is go do some research! There are so many different scholarships out there that are available – why wouldn’t you take advantage of free money? There is always financial aid but again for those who don’t qualify, go look into scholarships.

Make Time. Whether it is starting your own business, a hobby, some kind of new routine, etc. make the time. Most people don’t realize how much time they waste in a day when they can use that time to be productive. Everything starts with a plan. Make a realistic plan and start small. It can be as easy as getting up early 15 mins a day in order to do some action/task or missing out on a social event so you can get done whatever you need to complete. Instead of watching random YouTube videos or browsing social media – you can use that time to watch videos that will help you with your goals or be doing some kind of research online.

Just always try to remember – at the end of the day, you only have yourself to blame if you do not hit any goals or if you let yourself get stuck in a rut. If you put all your energy into your job (not referring to those who own your own business) or someone else, you are actually putting in energy to make other people’s goals come true. But who is working on making YOUR goals come true? Make the time now because your future self will thank you!

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