Back when this game originally came out, myself and a small group of gamers use to play this everyday and get excited about the new updates (on PS4). I mean, we use to look at what all was included and when the next update was going to hit (so we also knew what days we weren’t going to be able to play because it would be a massive upload). The downside was as the game became more and more popular, we use to encounter lag problems and loading problems – sometimes we would have to get into a waiting que to join a game.

With that being said, I much rather go back to the issues that happened in the beginning versus now. I tried to play a couple of times this year, but really once the younger generation started playing all the time, my group and I quit playing. The audience has changed I feel like, where it once was 21+ years and now is maybe 10 years old for the average age. Even the graphics and what they are bringing into the games (ex. marvel characters) are geared more to the younger generation versus the older age group.

The concept has completely changed – originally it was more strategic in trying to be the last man standing where now, yes that is still the main goal, but it’s just consumed by all these little goals you want to complete to unlock different things or special abilities. Even to see the complete map, you have to go around “unlocking” it by visiting it (like in Skyrim among other games).

I remember when coming across a chest was exciting because they were few and far in between and now they are everywhere. I got down to being the final person with someone else twice this year and I thought the first time this happened was just a coincidence and how the player just choose to play but now I have seen it multiple times – instead of battling it out (guns to guns), they constantly box you in. How does one win by doing this? The map gets smaller and smaller, while you are stuck trying to fight your way out of the walls – meanwhile, the other player just continuously builds right on top of you…making them the winner.

To me – how is that fun because even with me trying to be more positive and patient, I wanted to throw my controller at the TV! It is so frustrating and I don’t get it! Now, I don’t blame the creators because to be successful, you have to make the right moves. You have to see who is the biggest audience to target as well as do updates and modifications that will keep them interested. I just have lost interest in playing myself and will only play if really a friend wants me to.

Warner Bros Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle – PlayStation 4 (#paidad)

2 thoughts on “Fortnite”

  1. I miss those old days… but as we get older we also change our perspectives on what we find fun and enjoyable… we also change our morals and values as well, which has a huge impact on decisions, as an example,our views on gaming genres and gaming friendships.

    …but yeah, Fortnite, that definitely went down the route for the younger years as it was evident Epic Games were changing their avenue targets… and from a personal point, you could see that transition happening – during our gaming period it was noticeable that the gamers on Fortnite were becoming younger and younger – which resulted in kids screaming in your ear, running around in circles like lambs to the slaughter, leaving your squads vulnerable etc – as you state back then it was a tactical game that we very few took seriously. Having screaming kids that screeched in my ear was slowly making me cringe – you could see and ‘hear’ the direction it was going in.

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  2. Agreed! And it was fun while it lasted (and it was a pretty good run), especially for a free download of a game. I know another new game will come along that I probably will get caught up in and enjoy for X amount of time (just as it has been in my past) but I can’t help to be disappointed.

    It was a great idea when it first was released and as you pointed out, I could only take so much of the screaming 🀣 as well as the change in the way the game was being played. For me, I normally quit playing a game when either I completed it, tire of it, or life just gets in the way. In this instance though, it was none of the above – it was simply too many changes from the original for my liking.


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