Beginner Experiences at Meditation

So since I am a newbie at doing mediation and still learning all about it, I wanted to at least write what I have so far experienced.

Thoughts. Of course when trying to silence my mind, I will have random thoughts pop up and I have to tell myself focus on breathing – which calms the mind and lets me move off of my thought. What I read, of course, this very common in the beginning stages until you can build that focus and basically don’t get sidetracked.

Spinning. I have now felt like my whole body is spinning twice, kind of like a vertigo effect, but I know I am sitting still. I don’t know how to describe this feeling other than my whole body is going in circles, like a toy top (one of those that you throw to have it land and spin). Now in reading, there are so many opinions of the cause: I forgot to breathe, I am connecting more, new to all the energy, etc. All I can say is, I am breathing and even for instance this morning – as this was my second experience, I made myself conscious to the fact that I was breathing but maintained focus on the medication. Today was my first time with doing a meditation without guidance and I would like to assume it was because I was doing something right.

Fell Asleep. Yes, I went to sleep! I tried doing a night mediation and I guess I was too tired/too relaxed, because the next thing I knew I was waking up hours after my so called meditation. That’s all I pretty much have to say about this one. Lessoned learned!

Vivid Dreams. So I have been doing sleep meditations to help reprogram my subconscious mind. All I can say is I cannot remember having so many dreams consistently. I have vivid dreams, that I can mostly remember when I wake, every single night. The dreams vary greatly and doesn’t make much sense regarding how it compares to my life. They aren’t dreams where I can connect the dots basically – just very random ones.

Cool/Warm. It is kind of a weird sensation that I get. Most of the time while my hands are really warm, I will feel a coolness on my face only at the beginning stages of me meditating. I don’t really notice once I get into it whether I am cold or warm, but it almost feels as though I have a light breeze on my face. Not too sure really what this is – I’ll have to keep observing and doing more research on this.

Loss of Time. Not much to say on this except it feels like I have only sat there for a couple of minutes and when I look at the clock, a good 15-20mins will of have passed from when I started to when I complete my meditation. I can only chalk it up to Albert Einstein and that fact that he was right – time is relative.

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