Law of Attraction

So I think what is mind blowing for me is the fact that when I look at my life, I can understand how I have attracted what I have today. This is what I have so far learned (at a high level).

Everything happens in a sequence. It doesn’t happen overnight, it isn’t a concept of wishful thinking and suddenly everything you ever wanted just appears right in front of your eyes. Because we are humans, living in a real world, we have to take action in order to receive what it is we want to attract. If we look around, everything that has been created is because someone has thought of it. Therefore, thoughts create reality but again you have to take the necessary steps in order to make it a reality and not just a “dream”.

For me the whole surrounding yourself with what you want is probably the hardest. The energy people have, whether it is positive or negative, effects you as a whole. If you surround yourself with negative people all the time, even if you are the most positive person, that energy is eventually going to weigh you down and your high vibe frequency is now at a low (referring to feelings of anger, sadness, jealously, etc.). But in saying this, I believe because you are what you attract, most people that are at a high frequency vibration (referring to feeling of joy, love, appreciation, etc.) are going to surround themselves with like minded individuals.

Using my life for example, I made poor decisions throughout my life which in return made my life much harder than it needed to be. I was embedded with this mindset (which by the way, most have embedded ideas and programs in their subconscious mind by the age of 7 but that’s a whole other topic), that I had to live my life a certain way because of EVERYONE ELSE’S beliefs and thoughts. Every action a person takes starts a process, just like another law – for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. So if I want to make a change in the way my life is going, I can’t just sit around, I have to take action and get out of my comfort zone. If I stay within my comfort zone, well then I am going to stay in the vibration frequency that my mind only knows and no changes will be made to my life.

This is just me rambling on because I can go on and on about this topic because it is so fascinating to me! For the first time I feel like my blindfold is finally off and I can see the world for what it actually is. We are all energy, all connected, and life can be beautiful but it is the individual’s choice as to how they want to play out their life story. We only get 1 chance at this life, so why not make it a life we love? … positive vibes to all!

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