Finding My Passion

I think many can identify with me when I say I am struggling to find my passion. Part of my journey is to discover this about myself. I have read different articles and what not and they all pretty much say: find something that comes naturally to you, something you enjoy doing, something that you excel at, etc. etc. etc. Well, I played sports, did dance and all kinds of activities growing up and I must say – I am pretty average! Nothing stands out for me.

There are some meditations I have come across that are supposed to help guide/align you and what not and so far, it is still a work in process. Currently I work in the pickle business and man do I NOT have a passion for it. These growers and transport teams (along with others such as vendors) are so passionate about this line of work that I envy them because they really love what they do. These guys work around the clock during the season while I am over here waiting/counting down for when the season will come to an end!

I have always posed the question/statement to myself ever since I can remember – there has to be more to life than this. I do not want to be just satisfied and live a life I settled for. I don’t feel like I need to work a set number of hours or kill myself for a company that serves no purpose to me or that will replace me in a heartbeat. I think so many people get it engraved into their brains that they must work this type of job, make this amount of money, or whatever set of “rules” they have in order to justify it to themselves (or their families) that they are “successful”. But I believe being successful is not working to live but rather living a life that I enjoy waking up to everyday (while doing something that can obviously pay my bills). Maybe I will eventually post a blog about me finding my passion, but for now I am still searching. That is all for now – positive vibes to all!

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