When thinking of putting this blog up, I also thought maybe I should go more of the YouTube route because it seems like people are more into watching/listening versus reading. However, I decided to not go that route mainly because I am horrible at talking. At my old job I had to randomly give presentations. Every time, I would prepare the night before (sometimes days before) and practice what I was going to say. I have been told I actually give pretty good presentations – I talk at a normal pace, I am informative, I transition from slide to slide with ease, etc. HOWEVER, I can guarantee you by that time I am done, my face looks like a tomato and I cannot tell you exactly what I said or if there were questions, how I answered them. I even took a class on how to present but I just cannot get over my fear of public speaking.

Even in my personal life I avoid confrontations/arguments. Unless someone catches me on a good day, I am terrible at making my points even when I know I am right. I just get wrapped up in the other person telling me how they feel or whatever the issue is, and I will stay quiet. It won’t be until after the argument is done that I remember. Always to myself later “I had A, B, C points to make…wait a minute!” But by that time, it seems pointless to go back and make the points when we already came to an agreement.

So, when it came to blogging or vlogging (I believe that is the correct term), I decided blogging was the way to go! I am very awkward in talking even to my phone or camera (not even a live audience). As a child, I loved to be the center of attention and wanted to be recorded every time my parents got out that good old camcorder but now, I will pass. Writing comes much easier to me and I can sit and edit and reread however many times I want. Problem is I will still have grammatical errors (I apologize now) and maybe to some English majors/writers I fail at blogging but whatever, I enjoy it (and that is what counts 😉). That is all for now – positive vibes to all!

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