Spiritual Journey

Today I thought I would give some thoughts as to why this topic is important to me. I recently discovered the whole law of attraction and manifesting the life you want to live. First I started out with The Secret on Netflix but in doing more research (reading, looking up videos, etc.), I learned this document is only really the surface and if a person only watches this, it really won’t help them. Maybe it will help them in focusing their mind but in the whole scheme of things, it is so much more detailed and bigger than what is shown/talked about.

Like I said in my first blog, I was born and raised (confirmed and all that good stuff) as a Catholic. However, the older I got the more I realized the thoughts and practices just didn’t resonate with me or feel 100% like this was meant for me to follow. I even thought about looking into different religions because I cannot deny the fact there is something greater than myself. Whether a person wants to call that being God/energy/Buddha..whatever…it is hard to deny the bigger picture. Religion in general, I feel does bestow good rules of life to follow but I definitely feel more like being spiritual is my path. It still has the same “rules” which boils down to just be a decent, nice human being. I have always lived by that golden rule of treating others as I want to be treated. In my mind it is a pretty simple concept (not the easiest to follow all the time but none the less, a simple rule).

So I took a stab at meditation for the first time in my life. Now I am only at the beginning stages, have been doing this only for a couple of months but I actually really enjoy my new routine. I do guided meditations, as I am still working on staying focused as well as incorporating my visuals for manifestation. On my way into work I listen to affirmations and at night, I recently started trying out the sleep mediations to listen to, to help re-train my subconscious.

This so far just clicked with me. I don’t know how else to say it other than it just felt right! Overall, I do feel more positive about my life and have a better sense in knowing that the Universe has my back and everything will work out. BUT let me just throw this out there – there is a side effect I discovered (that no one warned me about). Now some could take this as a positive or a negative side effect (I am still trying to work it out within me which way to take it). With me trying to maintain a positive outlook in my life and seeing the good versus the bad, A LOT of negativity has reared its ugly head. I never realized just how negative the people are around me or just in general. It is hard to not just want to spend time with my better half all day long because at least she helps me stay positive, where when I venture out I am surrounded by all this energy I am trying to rise above. Some days are hard, some days are easy but this is my journey and the path I have chosen. That is it for now – positive vibes to all!

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