First Blog

I thought maybe the easiest way for me to start, is just to start typing! Fair warning – I am a lesbian, I know shocker these days! But wanted to disclose that information since for some reason some seem to think that is important to know about other people. So you have been warned! Secondly, I am kind of the black sheep in my family. I grew up Catholic and all of my family is basically Catholic. I recently; however, discovered I am not the religious kind of person but I am very spiritual. I am going to keep my spiritual things and my own personal journey under “My Journey” to give an option for readers to opt out of reading about this. Other than that, I am going to write about things that randomly pop in my head throughout the day and revolve just around the basics of my life. I do have a goal for blogging but I will save that for a time of when I actually start to do all that kind of fun stuff. So for now this will be my context…so welcome and positive vibes to all!

1 thought on “First Blog”

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I haven’t been to church in quite a while too (decades), so I get what you mean in being spiritual yet not religious. Am looking forward to what you have to share, and do enjoy your time here!

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